Eric John – Pizza Artist

Eric John Palmieri is a 5th generation Italian baker and pizza artist from Rhode Island, USA. He has been creating and developing his art since 2015 when he started making simple American Flag pizzas for 4th of July holiday parties. Today, he has garnered international praise for his work and has been extremely active in the NFT space since May, 2021. Most recently, Eric was the subject of the documentary short film “The Art of Pizza” by Marcus Ricci. The film, which chronicles Eric’s career and the making of the largest work of pizza art in history, premiered on August 10th, 2022 in the metaverse called Voxels, hosted by Rare Pizzas and their PizzaDao.

A still frame from the film, “The Art of Pizza.”
This still was sold as an NFT on Foundation during the lead up to the premiere.

Pizza Artworks by Eric John