Frequently Asked Questions


How is it made?

Monsterz are made using the AI art generator Midjourney. Comic strips are made using various apps including Clip2Comic, ComicCaptions, FlyerMaker, Midjourney, and more.

Artist Program?

Artists may submit work inspired by Market Monsterz Comics to be minted and sold in the Foundation Collection. Not all works will be accepted for minting, but most works will be promoted and shared on Market Monsterz and Eric John social media accounts. Compensation is determined by collector status, with Monster holders receiving 75% of the sale, Comic holders receiving 60%, and anyone else receiving 50%.


Market Monsterz creator Eric John was especially influenced by the Uncanny X-Men comics and animated series of the 1990s, as well as the Mattel toys Food Fighters and many other films and comic book content.

Collector Perks?

Monster holders get to appear in the comic books themselves. The frequency of their appearances is determined by how many monsters they hold. Monster holders also receive a free copy of any page for each monster that appears. Comic collectors can earn special edition NFTs by reaching certain collection milestones. Collectors appearing in the comics relinquish all rights to royalties or any other compensation and their inclusion and inclusion alone is the sole perk of NFT ownership.